Stranded In Stereo: Chinese Democracy is Set

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chinese Democracy is Set

I could really care less, really, but if this involves me getting a Dr. Pepper (why can't it be Mr. Pibb? Tell me you have Mr. Pibb!!?) then I guess it's alright with me.

Best Buy is releasing the oft-delayed, oft-discussed, nay-thought it was actually done
Chinese Democracy by Guns 'n Roses on November 25th, pushed back a whopping two days from the original Sunday, November 23rd bombast. Either way, families can rejoice in this - it will be available just in time to be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving dinner discussion since it's after the election and all.

This album was started, in theory, in 1994 when I was 10. I am now closing in on a quarter of a century. It's taken Axl Rose three-quarters of my life to make this album. It's going to probably be the biggest let down to a lot of people, but you know what, I'll listen to it just because. I wonder what song will be better, "Riad 'n The Bedovins" or "Prostitute". Decisions, decisions.

Chinese Democracy:
01 Chinese Democracy
02 Scraped
03 Shackler's Revenge
04 Street of Dreams
05 If the World
06 Better
07 This I Love
08 There Was a Time
09 Riad N' the Bedovins
10 Sorry
11 I.R.S.
12 Catcher
13 Madagascar
14 Prostitute

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