Stranded In Stereo: CMJ 2k8 Preview: Pale Young Gentlemen

Thursday, October 16, 2008

CMJ 2k8 Preview: Pale Young Gentlemen

A band with a distinct indie-rock meets Baroque sound, Pale Young Gentlemen write songs that are pleasant to listen to but contain an underlying, unidentifiable haunting tone. Beauty has hardly been put into a rock song better than through their tunes, which use cellos, violins, harp, guitar and even xylophone. The Yellow Stereo calls them “one of the best indie bands around, and one that definitely deserves more attention.” Their smart orchestrations and clever lyrics have been compared to the likes of Coldplay and Andrew Bird, yet their sound remains uniquely their own. The cinematic quality of the music will keep you listening for more, and as Ear Farm states, “Black Forest is an album that gets stronger as it progresses and with repeated listens.”

Download: "The Crook of My Good Arm" [mp3]

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